Bathroom Remodeling

Why should I remodel my bathroom now?

A bathroom remodel is the number one home improvement project you can do to enhance the return on investment for your home, according to the Wall Street Journal. For any remodel, every homeowner ask, “Is it worth the money to redo my bathroom?” Let the professionals at R. B. Travis show you why remodeling your bathroom today is worth the effort and costs.


Here are three reasons to consider remodeling your bathroom.

Enhance your personal enjoyment

Add a personal touch to your bathroom and create a wow factor that you get to enjoy every day. Custom products that you choose can provide you with a new feeling of comfort and personalization, but may not always net a high percentage return on investment if you choose to sell in the future. That said, the majority of bathroom remodels, regardless of the customization, require many of the same consts. Personal touches often amount to only an additional 10 percent increase in overall remodel cost. Use your remodel as an opportunity to treat yourself!

Get ready to sell fast

Maximize your return on investment to sell your home fast. Rather than add customized touches to your bathroom remodel, consider choosing products that reach the broadest market possible. However, do not be too generic or cheap in your choices, and always be sure to leverage the highest quality construction possible through a valued general contractor like R. B. Travis.

Build long-term value

If you plan to sell your home down the road, consider a remodelling approach that will meet the largest possible pool of buyers. Try to stay away from many custom components, but use your time to consider how you might create a wow factor that could earn you an increased purchase price. Although your remodel may not translate into a 100 percent return on investment, having your bathrooms (and kitchen) remodeled can reduce the number of days your home sits on the market, representing a hidden return on investment.

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