Sewer and Septic Tanks

Should I consider a sewer line inspection?

There are many reasons that can lead to the repair or replacement of your sewer line:

  • Broken, cracked or collapsed pipes due to shifting soil, settling, sinkholes, and more
  • Root intrusion from trees and shrubs or blockages by other foreign objects
  • Deterioration and corrosion of sewer pipes
  • A Bellied pipe due to ground and soil conditions, creating a back-graded section, or valley that collects paper and waste
  • Leaking or broken joints allowing sewage to leach into the surrounding soil
  • Sewer lines that are flat or back-graded over time due to substandard initial installation, corrosion of materials, or ground and soil conditions
  • Sewer lines that are over-graded, due to substandard installation or ground and soil conditions

At R. B. Tavis, we use the latest methods to inspect your sewer line or septic tank conditions and make the best recommendation to get the job done right.

Camera inspection

Camera inspections are extremely useful in determining the overall condition of a sewer lateral. If a camera inspection finds that the majority of your sewer line is in good working condition, we can make repair recommendations without the need to replace your sewer line.

Installing exterior clean outs

By code, you are required to have an external clean out on your sewer lateral, but many older houses do not have a clean out, making clearing your sewer line from blockages difficult and unreliable. Exterior clean outs provide access to the sewer lateral for servicing, cleaning and inspecting, allowing for complete and thorough servicing. Additionally, they can provide an external pressure relief point by installing a sewer relief valve, preventing sewage back up within your home.

Trenchless sewer replacement

If you are in need of a sewer line replacement, trenchless sewer replacement technology can replace your broken sewer line quickly and without minimal impact on your lawn, driveway, or yard. R. B. Travis employs the latest in trenchless technology to get your sewer line replaced quickly and efficiently.

Septic tanks

A septic tank is a small scale sewage treatment system in your yard. It is used when connection to a municipal sewage system is not available. Most often, septic systems are found with homes located in a rural area without municipal sewage, or where there are distance or elevation issues from your house and yard to an existing municipal sewage system that negates tying your sewer line into the system. R. B. Travis can provide you with any septic tank cleaning or repair and replacement needs.

If you’re in need of sewer line or septic system repairs, replacement, or just a standard inspection, call the experts at R. B. Travis today – (925) 443-8304.