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Backflow Devices in Livermore

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Backflow occurs when the flow of water reverses and mixes substances from other sources in with the potable water supply of a building. Backflow prevention devices stop other substances from infiltrating potable water. At R.B. Travis, Inc., we provide installations, repairs, and replacements of backflow devices in Livermore and surrounding areas.

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What Is Backflow?

When there is a cross connection within the water system, it is possible for other substances and used water to infiltrate the potable water system. Backflow commonly occurs when there is an abrupt loss of water in the main water line, due to a water main break or a large volume of water being released through fire hydrants. This pressure drop causes a reverse flow in the water line, contaminating the clean drinking water.

How Backflow Devices Work

A backflow prevention device stops the reverse flow of water in the water line, which prevents contamination of the potable water in a home or commercial building. The backflow prevention device is installed between the main water line and your home or business.

A backflow prevention device keeps the potable water system free of:

  • Used water
  • Gasses
  • Industrial fluid
  • Other substances

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If you need a device installed or a replacement of an existing device, our highly qualified and experienced Livermore plumbing and sewer technicians offer installation services for backflow devices in the local and surrounding communities.

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