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Hydro Jetting Services in Livermore

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Hydro jetting is a sewer cleaning process that uses a small amount of water to blast away buildup in pipes. The highly pressurized water is powerful enough to completely clear your line and make it look like new!

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There are multiple sizes and types of pipe in sewer drain lines and hydro jetting can safely remove all of the blockages, rather than just putting a hole through it the way that snakes do. It’s proven to be one of the fastest, safest, and most reliable ways to knock out your plumbing problems.

At R.B. Travis, Inc., we perform a two-step hydro jetting process:

  • Video inspection: Before doing any major work, we use advanced video equipment to inspect your pipes and determine whether they need to be replaced, repaired, or simply cleaned out. Through this inspection, our Livermore plumbers can also discover and pinpoint any leaks or major blockages
  • Hydro jetting: Using a 4000 PSI water stream, we blast away any debris that has built up in your pipes. From leaves and tree roots to powdered detergents, there are many foreign objects that can clog up to 100 feet or more of sewer line

Our expert Livermore plumbers use only the best hydro jetting equipment in the industry. This high-pressure sewer cleaning technology can remove virtually anything in its path without causing any damage to your line.

The Importance of Hydro Jetting

In the old days of hydro jetting, tree roots were known to infiltrate and plague pipes. Thankfully, hydro jetting machines today are able to clear out even the toughest of tree roots, along with built up waste, grease, and other objects.

It’s critical to have hydro jetting services performed on a regular basis in order to prevent major damages that can be caused by built up debris. So when you have a clog, we can be right there to resolve it.

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