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Waste Repiping Services in Livermore

Our Plumbing Experts Replace Old, Corroded Plumbing Pipes

Nothing lasts forever, including plumbing pipes. Over the years, pipes begin to rust and corrode. Small pinholes begin to appear, as the aging pipes spring leaks. Eventually, all pipes need to be replaced. Thankfully, R.B. Travis, Inc. offers waste repiping services in Livermore and surrounding areas. We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured local plumbing company that delivers superior work at competitive prices.

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Do the Waste Pipes Need to be Replaced?

Our Livermore plumbers are frequently asked whether replacement is necessary and when a waste pipe can be repaired. Often, a single leak in one pipe is easy to repair. However, if the plumbing or sewer system is aged and has been springing multiple leaks, it may be time to replace your old, damaged pipes. If you are unsure about exactly what is going on with your pipes, our team can help with leak detection to determine the extent of the problem.

Some of the signs that indicate a serious problem with pipes include:

  • Damp, musty smells near walls and floors
  • A bad odor coming from sink, tub and shower drains or near toilets
  • A bad odor and/or evidence of water underneath your house
  • Evidence of water intrusion and/or mold on ceilings and walls

Water leaks can lead to mold growth and other structural problems, so this is not a problem that should be put off. When you notice signs that your pipes may be corroded, you should have your plumbing system inspected by a reputable plumbing company. Our Livermore plumbing company has an excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau and a reputation for quality service among our many satisfied customers.

Replacing waste lines under a concrete slab floor

Expert Pipe Replacements in Livermore

Replacing your entire water pipe system is a big job, but you can rely on the professionals at R.B. Travis, Inc. to get the job done right. Repiping your home is more challenging compared to when your plumbing was first built because the pipes were installed before the drywall. Our Livermore plumbing company and water heater experts are experienced and equipped to install new plumbing pipes in a way that’s minimally invasive.

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